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If there is any game to put a smile on your face and make you feel warm inside, it is TOHU. From the gorgeous art style to the phenomenal soundtrack, you will not be disappointed


Can't wait to read about it? No problem, this and so much more can be found in Digital Magazine Issue of January's The DIG.



Kickstarter Indie Games of April 2021 - #1

On the backs of Terrabeasts, outlawed music, and reading the minds of the dead... What is going?!?


Articles & Reviews

REVIEW of Disjunction

A Solid game that doesn't hide under a cardboard box

Reviews, 2021

IN-DEPTH REVIEW of Curious Expedition 2

Whiskey and Chocolate packed? Good. Let's set sail!

Reviews, 2021

Top IndieGames of 2021 - #8

A week filled with violence and darkness... Mostly darkness

News, 2021

REVIEW of Cyber Shadow

8-Bit Will Never Die. Cue The Synths

2021, Reviews

REVIEW of Encodya

Here, There And Back Again. With Style

2021, Reviews

IN-DEPTH REVIEW: Sword of the Necromancer

Bathe In The Darkness, It Is For The Greater Good, Right?

2021, Reviews

Skul: The Hero Slayer - Review

Get Your Head On Straight! No! The Other One!

2021, Reviews

Top IndieGames of 2021 - #7

What a start to a new month! March is blowing me away with IndieGames I have been eagerly waiting to play, as well as titles that are newly discovered.

News, 2021

Down In Bermuda - Review

*Points excitedly* What does that do!?

Reviews, 2021

The Weird, Wonderful, Whimsical World of TOHU

FULL REVIEW: Weird, wonderful, whimsical world to make you wide-eyed and warm inside.

2021, Reviews

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