February 2021 Issue

THE DIG (Dojo of IndieGames)

Welcome, Everyone!


This was a tough month to curate. I had so many incredible IndieGames to pick from. As you can see by my last article, titled Also Out This Month, there are several games I did not have the opportunity to fully experience.


What I have played is spectacular. With many of these, I have been eagerly anticipating for months.


Mutropolis first impressed me during a live event, AdventureX, where I got to play a demo and take home some cool postcards. I have been following them ever since and enjoyed all the sneak peeks, and artwork is shown off.


NUTS had very interested from the moment I finished playing their demo during the Steam Festival. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Squirrels hoarding dynamite?! I HAD to play this as soon as it came out.


Curse of the Dead Gods has seen several updates since Early Access of last year. I still remember playing it on its initial release and getting my butt kicked every time. Putting in more practice, I have been slowly preparing myself for its Full Release.


March looks to be just as packed full of amazing games, by amazing developers. I love you all! The passion and work you put in are phenomenal. Keep making your dreams come true!

Peace and Love

Vasco (aka RaginRamen)

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