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Magic! Korean Folklore! Viking Gods!

The Slormancer [Early Access] - Steam // GoG

Slormite Studios // Slormite Studios // Release: April 6 // Windows // Action RPG, Dungeon Crawler

Before I get into why I think Slormancer looks marvellous... I want to ask, what IS a Slormancer?

Whoever the Slormancer is, they are dangerous and leading hordes of enemies to conquer the world once again. It is up to the almighty, promising- wait a minute, we're born with no skill whatsoever? I guess as grandfather always says, "You might not have the talent, but you have the will."

I love a well thought out roadmap!

I thrive in chaotic action, as seen in the trailer. The numerous explosions across the screen, new skills to learn every minute, and powerful magics. You may have been born weak, but you can harness the power of your ancestors.

At the start of Early Access, your levels will be capped at LV40, and there are only three classes to play with. However, don't let that deceive you. There is an incredible amount of content to be enjoyed at launch.

You will have access to; the first two tiers of the general skill tree (out of seven), more than 30 Slorm Reapers, unique weapons, for each class (out of 120), 80 legendary items, and so much more. This is all including the first act of the story. I think it is safe to say, there is plenty of content to enjoy until the first update on the roadmap.

8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventures - Steam // GoG // Humble

Rootless Studio // NEOWIZ // Release: April 8 // Windows // Metroidvania, Action, Adventure, Platformer

I have a great fascination with Folklore, especially the kind I find unfamiliar. 8Doors is full of Korean Folklore. It's in the design, but also within the story and characters, you meet. Another concept I find fascinating is the afterlife. I love reading fictitious stories based on the afterlife and how different cultures perceive them, from ancient Greek to modern-day Christian, or fantasy and sci-fi. It's an unknown, and I am always captivated by how different cultures and worlds explain the unknown.

That is a huge map

Enough about what I like to read, but I am sure you can tell why I have a great interest in 8Doors. Here, you will play as the brave girl Arum, who has volunteered to enter the realm of the afterlife in search of her father's soul. Navigate a large and rich Metroidvania world, encompassing the 8 realms of the afterlife, each hidden behind 8 doors. Defeat the spectres and wraiths while rescuing fugitive souls.

Viking Vengeance - Steam

Lowpoly Interactive // Lowpoly Interactive // Release: April 8 // Windows, Mac, Linux // Action RPG, Adventure, Hack'N'Slash

Why is it any time there is a story, game or movie about Vikings, it is always about Ragnarok. Sure they are known for a violent culture but did you know they were excellent skiers and enjoyed it from time to time. Someone should make an extreme Viking skiing game... Sorry, I got distracted again.

What was it they say about sleeping dragons?

So, there you are, a Templar with Pagan origins. Looking to rediscover your roots, and learn to wield the powers of the Norse Gods. Unlock alternate fighting styles by praying to the Gods and bringing them sacrifices. By filling up your devotion bar, your powers from that God will grow, but as Gods do, they are quick to anger if you neglect them. Show each of them some love.

The developers have taken a lot of inspiration from Viking lore and used it as nice game mechanics. Negotiating with the Valkyries for your life, the Gods relationships with each other, and so much more that I won't be able to fit it all here.

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I DIG for the gems so you don't have to.

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