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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Hey everyone, I'll be writing these twice a month, possibly once a month depending on how many campaigns catch my eye. I won't go too into detail about them and will leave their fantastic campaigns to really sell their idea to you.

So for my first article, I have four great Kickstarter Campaigns, some of which started in late July, that look phenomenal. Stretching across multiple genres, so there will be something for everyone, all with the same high-quality work and a strong passion for their project.

I would also like to mention that I keep an up to date record of all IndieGame Kickstarters that come across my way. If you want to stay in the know of what is currently campaigning, or even what gems received full funding support this year, check out my page. You will be surprised how many incredible IndieGames are in development because of the love and support of the community.

Len's Island

It's always overwhelming when a developer decides to merge two popular genres into one game. If the DevLogs on their Youtube are anything to go by, it is coming along nicely (and you absolutely should check them out).

Do you want to build a home for yourself, farm, decorate, meet the locals? You are free to do so. Maybe you want to adventure and dive deep into some dungeon crawling? There's plenty of that too.


Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

These developers need very little introduction. The mere mention of Suikoden has sent the internet ablaze and on the day of the Campaign launch, I myself found Kickstarter to be "unavailable", quite possibly due to the surge of traffic. That should tell you plenty.

JRPG fans united together in fully funding the campaign in a matter of hours, smashing the goal and currently stands at over £2million at the time of writing this.


The Kind Camomille

From the short time I spent playing the free demo, I got to grips with the personality and mission of The Kind Camomille. It breaks a lot of what is considered normal in games. There are no rewards for doing quests, other than feeling great about yourself for helping someone.

Acts of kindness with no reward but the act itself. When you accept this ideology, you start exploring a satisfying journey and a wholesome experience.


Gladiator Guild Manager

Having enjoyed their previous game Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse (and looking forward to the next episode, coming out August 20), I have confidence in their ability. They get projects done and with great humour and writing.

A Battle Sim Strategy is a different genre, and what we see here has great potential. They mention the "rock-paper-scissors" trope, and I hope this is a strong focus, nothing kills a strategy game quicker than getting the best units and weapons, only to find no one can beat you now.

I also want to mention the great work they are doing in implementing Twitch integration. I love when developers do that because it is such a great way to involve the community in the madness and fun.


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