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Down In Bermuda - Review

*Points excitedly* What does that do!?

I have never seen a cuter and more wholesome portrayal of the Bermuda theory. Usually, it's horrific, but here is an IndieGame with talking tortoises and fun puzzles.
Why WOULD you want to leave this paradise?

I do wonder why it took so long for our stranded aviator to leave Bermuda? Decades he has been there. Maybe it’s a nice place to stay, get away from the world, and he lost track of time. Or it could be the friendly characters you meet, talking tortoises, a friendly duck and an AI who strives to have a good view in the morning.

Who remembers pop-up books from their childhood? You opened them for the first time, and a building jumps out with characters with little handles that you push and pull. Every child's mind was metaphorically blown at the first turn of the page.

Every puzzle bringing out the child-like curiosity in all of us.

Down In Bermuda’ reminds me of those books. Equal parts puzzle adventure and missing item game. You will hunt through the level looking for buttons and levers to interact with and then watch with glee as things start moving around.

I had so much fun playing through all the levels. None are particularly hard and can probably be solved by a younger audience too. Every island I visited was beautiful and complimented the music. Never a dull moment and had a great time to the very end.



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