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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Challenging puzzles and bittersweet memories

Hope you have insurance before playing, the puzzles designed here WILL send you into a rage. The good kind... is there a good kind?

Besides the challenging puzzles, there are memories to collect, of a dark past full of secrets. Although animated sparingly in the scene cuts, the visuals are beautiful and paint an engrossing story about a mother-daughter relationship amidst a trying time.

To start with, Ever Forward is a fairly short game. Depending on how well you do with the puzzles, it can be anywhere from 2-3hrs long, or shorter if you have the logical capacity of a robot.

With a game this short, there isn’t a lot of room for dialogue and story, yet it delivers those emotional beats that keep you interested and playing more. The world-building is never explained or expanded on, so we can only theorise that it is dangerous to go outside and your mother (Anna) is one of the doctors trying to find a solution. I am happy they don't dwell on the world, and instead show us the narrative of the mother-daughter relationship and the struggles encountered because of it.

Scattered between puzzles, we find these short snippets of memories from Mayas’ childhood.

Ever Forward is first and foremost a puzzle game, so, let’s talk puzzles. I’ve mentioned already, you will be banging your head against the wall on occasion, but the puzzles are not impossible to solve. Often, you will need to learn the geography of the level and work on your timing. The sense of accomplishment is as beautiful as the lush green world you explore in the downtime.



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