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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

A little late with this article, I got very distracted by Avatar (yes, I'm only just watching it for the first time now, leave me alone).

Back on subject, we have a diverse range of releases this week. Something for everyone really. From a spooky atmosphere in a cathedral to island hijinks, a game that is not a game, a game that is in prologue and a game that finally released that coveted 1.0.

I missed one... Ah yes, will you be a crime lord or clean up the streets? Well, that escalated.


When I first found this trailer, I immediately drew me into the atmosphere and colours. The colour palette and style had that baroque feel that I LOVE so much and the Nun with her outstretched fingers trying to grasp me at a moments misstep had me absorbed. All this before I knew of its humble origins as a student project. Those involved in this project have a bright future ahead, and I hope to keep an eye on them.



Come on, admit it. You smiled at this wholesome game, with its Tom Hanks castaway character and happy Skully. We all love Skully.

Step (roll?) yourself between the quarreling gods before they destroy the wonderful island. You've got the power to transform into three different golems, so there is variety in the gameplay to break up all the careful rolling around.

It can get dizzying for poor Skully.


There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

You should absolutely ignore my recommendation to not play what is obviously not a game. There is no fun to be had, letters are constantly falling everywhere, you will find yourself fighting with glitches and trying to keep everything together.

In fact, pick up a book, there are so many amazing books out there that won't argue with you and tell you what to do.

Just whatever you do, don't play this...


Gripper: Prologue

Up until this week, I had never heard of Gripper or had any idea what it was about. It just casually punched its way onto my list, showed me some cool 2D animations and revved its engines.

From then on, I was hooked. The animated narrative was enough to get my interest, and the music gave the atmosphere a whole vibe of its own.

I am eager to get involved with an RPG driving game, not many of those around.



My favourite Roguelikes are those that let me stack stats. Let me become almighty and powerful!

But we need to be challenged eventually, so in this "finished" version (there are more updates to come), you can stack hexes, give yourself a challenge worth bragging about.

Other updates include performance tweaks, 20 extra items, a journal upgrade and some pretty trading cards.

Grab your axe and let's dive in!


Company of Crime

Have a taste for that Guy Ritchie flair? A life of crime might be just for you.

When playing the demo at the Steam Summer Festival, I first started by reading up a list of potential crew hires, checking their stats and characteristics. Their are several different jobs that need doing and you need the right person for the job. Or you can be a copper and clean up the streets of London. The streets of London are dirty whichever way you look at it.


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