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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It was a struggle to keep my Top Picks to just 6 and under, but I think I made some worthy choices here.

What we're left with is a selection that really gets your mind working. There are dreams, transformations, and out of body experiences. So make what you will with what you are given, and don't question the worlds before you, jump into them headfirst... live your best life.


I don't know too much about the story of Metamorphosis, have not read many of Kafka's work either, but I am familiar with the idea.

The concept is more than just the absurdity of the situation, it is the irrational response to an absurd situation, sometimes to the point of being a prisoner of your own making.

Most likely this will be my favourite game of the month, and featured in my magazine.


Popup Dungeon

No glue or scissors needed.

So you have no excuses you can't let your imagination run wild. Create cardboard characters, enemies, design dungeons for others to play in, and all kinds of mayhem.

I can not wait to see, not only what the Devs have made for us, but also what the community will make with the tools provided for them.

The possibilities are endless. At your fingertips, there is chaos or a casual romp through the dungeons. Delightful!


Ever Forward

Hope you have insurance before playing, the puzzles designed here WILL send you into a rage. The good kind... is there a good kind?

Besides the challenging puzzles, there are memories to collect, of a dark past full of secrets. Although animated sparingly in the scene cuts, the visuals are beautiful and paint for us an engrossing story about a little girl growing up and finding her way in the world.


Kill It With Fire!

First off, I would like to apologise to anyone with a fear of spiders, for placing one smack in the middle of this article.

But... fire. As the title implies, you can use any means of destruction to destroy these eight-legged creatures.

I myself am not bothered by spiders, but the cathartic release of running around the house with a flamethrower is unlike anything, all without worrying about the destruction of your home in the process.



Of all the releases this week, Parkasaurus is the baby for me. I had only discovered it this week thanks for an article by Gideon, in which he talked about his most anticipated releases of August, so thank you.

My park ranger hat is now firmly on as I eagerly await the full release. Yes, that's right, you can start your very own Jurassic Park this minute while it is in Early Access. Don't miss out!



With so many Roguelikes scattered throughout Steam, I am always keeping a close eye on those that stand out. Dreamscaper is one such title.

Careful attention has been placed on the combat, to make it fluid and fun. Adapting to your enemies and preparing to face your nightmares before each slip into the subconscious.

What's truly interesting is the waking world, where you discover more about Cassidy's story.


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I DIG for the gems so you don't have to.

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