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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It is a week for chaos. That is one thing I believe every one of the IndieGames I have selected, have in common. You can not control natural selection when it comes to Knights in Rogue Legacy or the desires of a Viking who would feel more at home in Hel than Valhalla. What could be more chaotic than a Zombie Apocalypse? Maybe fighting to the death with sharp pointy weapons would do it.

Step into the chaos my friends, embrace it this week and DIG into what I have below.

Helheim Hassle

Set in the same universe as their previous game, so no surprise a bit of the dark sense of humour still resides.

I found myself laughing start to finish during the demo playthrough, but what makes these developers unique is the creative genius behind the puzzles. They are not particularly hard puzzles, but fun and well designed. They make you pause and smile, much like their jokes do.

This time, we find ourselves in a different kind of Hell, and instead of trying to avoid it, we are actively going towards it. Whats a pacifist Viking to do, right? I look very much forward to going on another afterlife journey, crafted by Perfectly Paranormal.



Rogue Legacy 2 [EA]

One of the most debated mechanics in a Roguelike is the use of RNG. In short, the use of random generators. It is the bane of many, but Rogue Legacy makes very good use of it.

The previous in the series was a great testament to the idea behind Rogue Legacy. Upon your death, you come back as the "son of...", and with it, some very interesting traits. You may be colour blind, or a giant, maybe chickens scare you or you are just plain insane. Dealing with each trait is half of the fun. You will die a lot at the beginning, but you can build up your castle to strengthen your character stats, unlock new classes and buy gear. Slowly but surely, you will become more powerful and who knows, your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (this could go on for a while, great grandkid, may one day conquer the castle.



Hack n Slashers, button mashers, and brute force fighters... this will not be for you.

Patience is the key to combat, planning and tactical stabbing. Counter like a pro and show your prowess with a sword or spear. If I were to compare to anything, I would say it is like a 2D For Honor style game. Instead of relying on stats and overpowering your enemy, you need to practice and time your attacks.

Only the worthy reap the rewards.


Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse Ep2

Having played the first episode and loved it, I am eagerly waiting for opportunities to help animals in society with my scavenging expertise.

Truly, the writing had me bursting with laughter. Some of the jokes are really dark humour and remind me of Sunny in Philadelphia I could easily picture Danny DeVito voicing Hank.

I look forward to what more schemes I will be cooking up and if we will ever be sunbathing on the beach with celebrities.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The release date may or may not change, I haven't seen a release trailer or any promotion leading up to release, but Steam tells me August 20, sooooo... Here's hoping.


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I DIG for the gems so you don't have to.

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