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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

With the releases we are getting this week, you would think it must be Halloween. All the standout IndieGames I have for you are sure to run chills up your back, whether it is from creepy lullabies, hellish creatures or the ever vigilant goverment,

Check them out below, I promise theres no jumpscares in my article.

Maid of Sker

I've not played many horror games so close to home, so finding one set in Wales (hello next door neighbour!) got me curious,

The trailer features a lullaby-like song that will surely send you chills and if it doesn't, what if I told you inspiration is taken from a well-known story set in the area?

It is primarily a stealth horror, where holding your breath is essential for survival. You'll have to be a braver soul than me to step into this world, so let me know how that goes.


House On The Hill

How unlucky of a thief do you have to be to break into this house? Very unlucky would be the correct answer.

What has attracted me this "trapped-in-a-house" trope we've seen done many times, is that the promise of different storylines depending on your choices. It's a very common promise that rarely delivers.

However, these devs have a good track record with their last game Palmyra Orphanage garnering positive reviews.



Do you feel that? Interdimensional entities, Cosmic Gods and a thick hellish atmosphere. Lovecraft would be proud.

Explore the space station in any way you like while trying to fight for your life. It won't be an easy journey, in fact, it almost feels like Dark Souls in space.

If that wasn't bad enough, the space station you are trapped in is orbiting a black hole (a-la Event Horizon) that will trigger unpredictable events to keep you on your toes.



Ok, this might show my age, but any of you remember the game Comix Zone and how we all wished there would be a new game to make use of this cool idea of playing in a comic book... Well now we do, and its a damn good one!

The art style and narrative ooze so much noir and sucks you into a world of dystopian intrigue. How much do you value your security versus your privacy, or do you just want to shake up the system?


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