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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Another Monday, another selection of IndieGames dug out of the depths of Steam.

This week, we are met with familiar faces. The Sojourn, already out on PC exclusive to Epic, and is now being released on Steam at long last. We also have a sequel to the much-adored Spelunky, a game that started a whole wave of similar games to be created and they are now back to reclaim their crown. Lastly is new for most of us, unless you were lucky enough to be in the beta. Drake Hollow has a clean polished art and animation style with cuddly creatures you must protect from, not so cuddly creatures.

The Sojourn

Not too sure what the story is, other than "a captivating tale of light, darkness and the nature of reality". That is the kind of line that you simply nod and pretend to understand the meaning of.

The only aspects of the game left to grab my attention are the numerous puzzles that I will need to rack my brain to solve. And there is nothing I enjoy more these days then a puzzle game that will make me question the light, darkness and the nature of reality. Let's do this!


Spelunky 2

Unlike the string of Roguelikes that get released every year, Spelunky does not rely on stacking abilities and weapons. Only your ability, strengthened through constant failures and practice, will assure your victory.

Secondly, your experience spelunking through the levels will bring equal parts surprise and joy in abundance.

Word of warning though, only play with friends you trust... or ones you don't mind picking up and throwing to set off traps.


Drake Hollow

If you're like me and assumed drakes meant dragons, then prepare to be a little disappointed. It is more a play on mandrakes. However, upon seeing these cute plants, I wanted nothing more than to protect and hug them.

As survival, resource gathering games go, it doesn't look to be a poor attempt. The devs already have experience creating a fun game in this genre (The Flame In The Flood). What I want to see more of is the story and where it will take me.


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