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On the backs of Terrabeasts, outlawed music, and reading the minds of the dead... What is going?!?

OddFauna: Secret of the TerraBeast

Steam // Kickstarter

Cliff Mitchell, Emma SanCartier // Cliff Mitchell, Emma SanCartier // Windows, SWITCH // Campaign Ending: May 8 // Funding Goal: $35,000 [SUCCESFULLY REACHED] // OpenWord Sandbox, Crafting, Farming, Adventure, Simulation

"The Great TerraBeast is the only creature in the entire universe that knows exactly where it is going." - Said someone, at some point, might have been me.

What I love about Indie Games are the creative ideas born from them. Open world crafting and farming BUT, the world is on the back of a giant walking beast. It's brilliant and offers so many possibilities, many of which the developers have taken into account. One of my favourites is the symbiotic relationship you will develop with the TerraBeast. As you tend to the world, you will grow crops, look after the local wildlife, and keep nature balanced. If you do your job well enough, the beast grows, and so does the world.

There are Grasslands, Forest, Mountains, Desert, and many more biomes to create. Each, attracting different creatures with specific needs to stay healthy.

The sculptures are so lovely. I desperately want one, but they are out of my price range. I wouldn't want the price to drop either. The quality and hard work shows, and they look to be worth every penny.

However, there is a reason for all the sculptures. They are all designed and made by Emma SanCartier, and then photo scanned and cleaned up by Cliff Mitchell. The idea is to give the art style of the game a stop motion look. All I can say is- stunning!

Unbeatable - Steam // Kickstarter

D-CELL GAMES // D-CELL GAMES // Windows // Campaign Ending: May 8 // Funding Goal: $55,000 [SUCCESFULLY REACHED] // Action, Adventure, Rhythm, Anime, Narrative


From the very short teaser I watched before the Kickstarter launched, I knew I would be in for a good time. What style, what oomph. Just check out the GIF below. They've done a brilliant job with the animation, and getting me excited!

That is only half of it. Unbeatable is a game about music, how it is a crime, and how you don't care. You are going to play those beats regardless. Live or die.

Going through the campaign, I learned that half the game is exploring a crazy world where music has been outlawed for several years. Helping strangers, practising with bandmates, meeting terrible people, and building a setlist for your upcoming concert.

The other half will have you playing to the rhythm with just two buttons. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised how much variety the developers have been able to get out of just two buttons. It's actually very impressive and will keep you on the edge of your seat, tapping your toes, and trying your best not to jump up and dance to the original soundtrack.

Invasive Recall - Kickstarter

Springbeam Studio // Springbeam Studio // Windows // Campaign Ending: May 6 // Funding Goal: 33,500 // Point'N'Click, Adventure, Investigation

First, I want to go into explaining the name and the plot. Then you'll understand why I am so very excited for this Point'N'Click game.

It has that old school sci-fi noir we all love. I've always thought that the technology available, and how society is portrayed in the future makes perfect investigative thrillers. Some of my favourite works of fiction set in the future are investigative thrillers. Bladerunner being the obvious daddy of them all. But I've rambled on. Let's continue.

In the future, a technology for reading minds has had disastrous effects in the human trials stages. It wasn't all for nought, as it has become a useful tool for detectives. Dead people can't go insane or suffer neurological damage, so peering into their last memories has become vital in solving many murders. This process is called Invasive Recall (He said it!).

The story will involve two characters unrelated to each other. John Landon, a rookie detective, and Rachel Hapley working for a well funded privatized tech organization. They don't know each other, but their individual investigations will cross paths.

Soon, a more sinister truth than the everyday crime and corruption of the city will be uncovered.

There is a vast city to explore. Full of atmosphere and character. You will be playing as both Landon and Hapley, as you dig further into the seedy underbelly of the city.

I am so excited to find out more. If only I could play it right now, but all good things come to those who wait, and I await eagerly

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