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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

… All without worrying about the destruction of your home in the process.

First off, I would like to apologise to anyone with a fear of spiders, for placing one right at the top of this article (no, don’t look at it!). But, as the title implies, you can use any means of destruction to destroy these eight-legged creatures.

I myself am not bothered by spiders, but the cathartic release of running around the house with a lighter and hairspray is unlike anything, all without worrying about the destruction of your home in the process.

Welcome to the true definition of escalating the situation beyond reason. Although one has to wonder when faced with an excessive amount of spiders, some radioactive, some explode into lots of mini spiders, others literally explode into a ball of fire... Is it an unreasonable response?

It all sounds like it gets a little out of hand, but anyone with a fear of spiders will tell you this is a perfectly normal reaction. Burn them all and let's not worry about the consequences.

As you can expect from a game like this, the narrative plays fast and loose. It's not important why our protagonist has taken it upon themselves to exterminate all spider-kind, the ride and the destruction of it is all that matters.

The arsenal at your disposable is impressive. Starting with a clipboard, it soon escalates to hairspray flamethrowers, revolvers, shotguns. Before long you are also throwing Shurikens like a ninja, handling a full-size flamethrower, shooting rockets and throwing TNT around like confetti at a wedding.

What's the worst that could happen... Well... I'll not spoil that for you until you're ready to face the music.




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