• Vasco "RaginRamen"

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The possibilities are endless. No glue or scissors needed.

So you have no excuses you can't let your imagination run wild. Create cardboard characters, enemies, design dungeons for others to play in, and all kinds of mayhem.

I can not wait to see, not only what the Devs have made for us, but also what the community will make with the tools provided for them.

At your fingertips, there is chaos or a casual romp through the dungeons. Delightful!

From the start, you can tell it has been a labour of love to create Popup Dungeon. The attention to detail in simulating that tabletop aesthetic with the d20 die and character sheets for each character, it reminds of my own experiences playing pen and paper D&D.

My favourite part HAS to be the Workshop. It has so many options and customisation to create characters, abilities, gear, weapons and even design dungeons and entire campaigns with audio packs and story.

What we have here is a classic Turn-Based Rogue-like with a whole host of abilities and fun (sometimes repetitive) combat. The variety and effects bring strategy to your runs, so being able to create a team that synergises well, is of the utmost importance.

The workshop can look overwhelming and complicated when first confronting it, but the Devs have created very handy videos on YouTube to help you. Working with the community will bring gold to the workshop. Only criticism so far is lack of tool-tips, with all the effects, buffs and little details, we really need tool-tips.



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