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It's always the smallest jigsaw pieces that make the big picture

I like to think everyone enjoys puzzles, even those that don't consider themselves gamers. It's human nature to solve problems, is it not?

As I get older, I have less time for the JRPGs I grew up playing. If a game is longer than 20hrs, I better book a holiday to play it. Seeing puzzle games become more common has made me happy. You can readily jump into one and unwind.

Make yourself a cup of tea or some juice, maybe a glass of refreshing water, and relax with one of these.

Red Ronin - Steam

Thiago Oliveira // Wired Dreams Studio // Release: March 17 // Windows, PS4, XB1, SWITCH // Action, Puzzle, Sokoban


I can recognise a Sokoban style puzzle game from a mile away. They are not that commonly found, but are very distinguishable by the restricted movements... And I LOVE them.

There have been many evolutions of the puzzle attempted by different developers. Some of these are brilliant (Like Dungeon and Puzzles), others are no different from each other.

Red Ronin is the first one I've played that follows a narrative with characters for me to care about, and that has me very intrigued.

You can be sure this will be a day one purchase for me.

Press Ctrl - Steam // Itchio

Idan Rooze // Idan Rooze // Release: March 16 // Windows // Relaxing, Puzzle

I've seen less than 30 seconds of this charming little puzzle game, and I already know I love it. I also know I will be in for a world of pain and frustration, but it'll be worth it.

The idea first emerged from a game-jam back in 2020, based on the theme "Out of Control". It seems to me, the developer took that literally and have given use a deceptively simple inception mind mending puzzle game for us to enjoy.

For the price of a small coffee, you get to go Out of Control too.

QV - Steam

IZZLE // CFK Co // Release: March 18 // Windows, Mac, SWITCH // Puzzle, Platform, Adventure

The Dimensional Core has stopped working, causing the balance between dimensions to begin to collapse. Enter Quby, the last descendant of Chosen Ones, and Varon, a talking penguin who can open portals.

It should be pretty easy to gauge the mood here. As serious as the collapse of the universe is, a cheerful protagonist and her penguin friend will (hopefully) save us all!

Bright colours, cheerful music and an almost chibi style to the characters make this a wholesome fun experience. I don't know how hard some of the puzzles can get, but they made sure to keep them accessible for all with different difficulty levels.

Not everyone will be like me and enjoy torturing themselves with hard puzzles.

Sizeable - Steam

Sander Abroos // Business Goose Studio // Release: March 19 // Windows // Relaxing, Puzzle, Hidden Object


I never thought I would be interested in this kind of puzzle game, but Down In Bermuda [check out my review on THAT gateway drug to the Hidden Object world) really put me in the mood to find more. There is something so relaxing about pressing buttons and moving objects around in diorama worlds. The calming instrumentals commonly found with these titles will massage all the days stress from the body.

With Sizeable, you will get the power to shrink the moon or resize a cloud. All these actions will have effects on the world beyond just changing the size of an object. You will need to revert to your childlike curiosity and experiment, only then will you find peace and happiness.

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I DIG for the gems so you don't have to.


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