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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Return to the Dojo

Hello one and all, it has been a crazy past month for me with lot's going on. Although I have been mostly away from the community, I tried my best to keep tabs on the gaming world and all the amazing news and announcements made. It has been overwhelming with so many exciting IndieGame announcements that I am thoroughly quivering with anticipation.

Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition!

There has been the "Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition", fantastic announcements at the "Summer Game Fest" in particular "The Guerrilla Collective" and the "Escapist Indie Showcase". Can't forget IGN too for showcasing so many awesome IndieGames and Indie Dev talks during their Summer of Gaming. All of these have been extremely fun to watch and I'll be writing about my thoughts of the Steam Festival a little later.

Website Overview

Coming back to the community, my biggest announcement has got to be a working Website. I will be posting all my reviews and news here instead of on Medium. I've tried to make it as easy to navigate as possible but would love to know peoples thoughts.

  • Videos: Will house playthroughs and reviews that I have made on Youtube to check out.

  • News & Reviews: Pretty self-explanatory, catch-all my reviews, thoughts and any news from the world of IndieGaming.

  • The DIG: Is the new home for my monthly magazine, I haven't forgotten about it, Issue 3 (March) is still coming, although I will admit that I will need to, unfortunately, skip on May and June.

  • Kickstarter: No, I am not running a Kickstarter campaign, these are for IndieGames that I have found, look phenomenal and deserve your attention and support during their campaign. Go and show them your love, even a shout on social media helps.

  • Contact: If you want to recommend me some cool IndieGames that I might have missed, recommend your own IndieGame or just want to send me some good vibes.

Lets Get Streaming!

My second announcement is about my move from Mixer back to Twitch. I'm sure everybody already knows about the whole Mixer fiasco. With this move, I want to kick it up a notch and be more consistent with streams. Some ideas I will be testing out, are having a weekly hang. Instead of just telling you what IndieGames are coming out this week, I want to invite you all to watch some trailers with me, relax, have fun and hang out while we discuss the weeks' releases. Have recommendations? That'll be the place to do it. I'll play the trailers on stream for all to see.

You can find me on Twitch by clicking right here https://www.twitch.tv/raginramen.

This is not a concrete schedule for every week, but it is what I will be trying to stick to and what I will be doing this week.

Thank you again for everyone who is following, hope you enjoyed the read and look forward to growing this community of passionate IndieGame players.


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