• Vasco "RaginRamen"

A Solid game that doesn’t hide under a cardboard box

Corrupted cities, noir detectives and cyberpunk go together like noodles in a delicious broth. Just because we’ve all seen it before, doesn’t mean we won't enjoy it. Disjunction left me thoroughly satisfied and happy.

Ape Tribe Games / Sold Out / Release: January 26 / Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, XB1, SWITCH


You’ve all heard the story and theme before. Shady government is hiding something and you go on a mission to uncover the truth, for the good of the people. There are boxes of information that popped up when hovering over certain keywords, these added the depth that the main story needed.

The gameplay is sold on the stealth mechanics and I enjoyed these. Each skill costs you energy bars to use, they were well balanced enough that I didn’t feel like hoarding them for a special occasion, neither did I feel like I could spam them everywhere I went.

What stood out for me, is the rich lore and background behind events and characters.

There are three characters you play as, as the plot progresses. Each very different in personality and skill. You have the hardboiled detective, the cyber-enhanced muscle and the invisible hacker.

A lot of the game feels strategic. Using your skills smartly will be to your advantage. Checkpoints also need to be taken into account as you can only use each one once.
Of course, you do have the option to go in all guns blazing, but this will make things harder and you will be called out on it during dialogue options.

Let's get stealthy!


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