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Watching the trailer, we all thought the same thing, “Wow, look how beautiful this game looks”. It is indeed beautiful, and it plays with our love for Ghibli aesthetics. I enjoyed my playthrough, the story was intriguing, the world-building had a lot of potentials, but it all could have been more.

Chaosmonger Studio / Assemble Entertainment / Release: January 26 / Windows, Mac


Let’s start with the story. You are a 9-year-old orphan girl with her nanny bot SAM-53, living on the streets, getting by however you can. In this world, the government started a plan that with every child born, a family was gifted a nanny robot to look after them. I’m not sure how this was affordable or why to start such an initiative, but it was interesting, so I didn’t question it. The story is a light-hearted one.

Moving on, we are introduced to the villain of the story, Mayor Rumpf. He is a short-tempered little man who is trying to find you and SAM-53. Without spoiling too much, I felt he was not a necessary character, that the story would have been stronger with the focus on the true villain- humanities dependency on technology.

The characters you meet have well-written dialogue that built up the world-building, making me wish there was more to learn and explore.

Of course, I absolutely adored the art and the cityscapes.
There is a lot of world-building through dialogue and exploring, but it all felt like a window into a world I wanted to explore more. I hope they do continue stories within this world.

I had a lot of fun. As long as you don't take the story too seriously, I recommend it. Looking forward to more from this studio and hopefully more from the Encodya world.


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