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Get Your Head On Straight- No! The Other One!

There I was, minding my own business when the humans came and killed all my friends and kidnapped the Demon King... How dare they!

Rogue-likes, and any game focused on action, will live or die on how well the controls feel. Thankfully, the developers have done an outstanding job building up from Early Access to now and delivering on that.

The highlight and main attraction for most will be the ability to change skulls. Each skull comes with a new wardrobe change, attack animations, and a couple of skills to play around with. I am not sure how many skulls there are to find, but as I have counted 48 so far, I am more than impressed by the creativity and variety.

You will be dying a lot, as is to be expected from a rogue-like. However, every run is infinitely fun and gives you that “just one more” feeling. Many times I found myself quitting the game in frustration after dying, only to be loading back up a minute later, repeating the mantra “You can do it this time, you can do it!”

The combat is so satisfying, you will inevitably return again and again. The destruction and mayhem that plays out before your eyes, the building excitement when you find a legendary skull, and that feeling of accomplishment when finally defeating a boss.

Everyone will have their favourite skull to use and are all so uniquely different. You will get excited with every new one you discover.

Unlike other rogue-likes, the boss stages are not varied and randomly rotated, this means you will be facing off against the giant angry tree many, many times. Another difference is a stronger presence of narrative, which could be the reason for how the bosses are staged, to enforce that narrative.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Demon King has been kidnapped, and with the land turned upside down, it falls on you to rescue him. There are scene-cuts scattered between stages that reveal pieces of a story. Skul, the titular character, wasn’t always a skeleton, and we learn more about his past and his relationship with the king as we progress.

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