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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition

Oh boy, there are some good things and some bad things.

Like many of you I was filled with excitement, their last two festivals over Spring and Christmas were great and I got to play so many brilliant titles that I ended up Wishlisting, many of the Developers showcased even showed positive upticks in their fanbase.

So, of course I was ecstatically excited to arrive and Dig in to... oh dear... 900 demos?!?

No-one was prepared for that and everyone I've talked to has mentioned how overwhelming it was. I mean, I'm grateful for having such a large collection of talent and accomplishments being showcased and celebrated but you need to slow down Valve.

You have given us just one week (JUST ONE) to browse through 900 demos and select which we want to download and play. What is normally an amazing week of trying out a carefully curated selection of the hidden gems, became a brutal episode of "Steams Got Talent". Picking my finalists had to be a quick decision, I had no time for maybes, my choices had to be titles that wowed me right away (even if I was let down by some later).

I think we can all agree, next time, Steam needs to reduce that number drastically, or at least give us the whole month. We as the consumer are here to have fun and discover some true IndieGame Gems to wishlist and look forward to... we are not here to do the curation job for you.

With that, I will like to say that my limited time allowed me to browse through maybe 400 of the demos, of which I found 190 that caught my eye enough to download.

I've managed to play through most on my list but missed on many that I really wanted to play (looking at you Ary and the Secret of Seasons).

From that I then managed to curate my own selection of roughly 20-30 that I am in the process of reviewing for my DemoDive series. There are some other titles that I found have tremendous potential, their trailers and Steam pages are fantastic, but the demo held back and I will talk about them too in the coming weeks.

To give just a sneak peak, some of the DemoDive episodes that I have recorded and edited so far are Spiritfarer, A Jugglers Tale, Pumpkin Jack, Patricks Parabox, Children of Silentown, Cris Tales and Dont_Forget_Me.

#LetsDIG in 🍜


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