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Once Upon A Time...

... There was a secluded village filled with horrors, a pig farmer pleading mercy from an old friend, and a young man forced to carry a chest to the castle.

Three very different stories told in very different styles.

Let's take a closer look.

Mundaun - Steam // Epic

Hidden Fields // MWM Interactive // Release: March 16 // Windows, PS4, SWITCH // Psychological Horror, Puzzle

In the past couple of months, there have been several behind-the-scenes videos of the developer exploring real locations around the Alps. The Devils Bridge, The Painters House, are just a few insights into the developers' mind as he pieced together folklore to create the story of Mundaun.

With the unsettling hand-drawn art style, Mundaun looks to be my type of horror game, one that promises to make your skin crawl bit by bit till fear takes you.

Adios - Steam

Mischief // Mischief // Release: March 17 // Windows, XB! // StoryRich, First Person

The premise fascinates me. It could comfortably be at home as a short film, but this shows the power of games as a medium for storytelling.

You're a pig farmer in Kansas, and you've decided you no longer want to help the mob dispose of bodies. When your old friend, the hitman, arrives with his assistant for usual business, you screw up the courage to tell them you are done.

What follows is a thoughtful exchange between pig farmer and hitman, doing chores around the farm, with the hitman who will be forced to kill you, if he can not convince you to stay.

Fate of Kai - Steam

Trylight Game Studio // TheGamePublisher // Release: March 19 // Windows // Visual Novel, Point'N'Click, Adventure, Puzzle

There is not much revealed about the story for Fate of Kai. You must reach the castle and- that's it so far. However, the comic book aesthetic is always a major draw, and controlling a character indirectly has me curious.

To expand on that curious mechanic, you don't control your character directly. Instead, you choose the thoughts in his head, which lead to different actions and story paths. I've seen this mechanic used effectively in a recent game (Beacon Pines), so I am interested to see how well they implement it.

The hand-drawn art is beautiful and has grabbed my attention. With 160 pages of content to devour, I can imagine I'll be entertained for a long time.

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