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This weekend I have had the chance to try out two short games. It was the weekend, I wanted to relax and not get caught up in an intense action game. Sunlight and Cloud Climber were perfect for this.

I made myself a nice honey and lemon tea and jumped straight in.



The narrative is told very poetically, not just with words, but also in the whispers of the trees. As you walk, each tree has a different voice, different tone, accent and gender.

I won't pretend to understand what the narrative is telling me, at first it was a little jarring to hear about needles and intense feelings whilst roaming such a calm and beautiful environment, but now and then you are told to breathe in and breathe out. It leads me to believe these are accounts of peoples experiences, good and bad, and how they have dealt with them.

That sometimes, when things become too much, remember to breathe. I may be wrong about all of that, but it's nice to think about.

As for gameplay, I'll be honest, there isn't much of it. You walk around in any direction, doesn't matter which, and listen to the narration. In the quiet moments, you find a flower to pick, and a new narration starts.

All in all, your playtime will be roughly 30 minutes. However short it is, the experience is one of beauty. The art was handpainted (literally in VR), and the music is a composition of Tchaikovsky and sung by award-winning choir Kammerkoret Aurum.

PRICE: £3.49 (£3.14 until January 21, 2021)



Post-apocalyptic stories are extremely common, so it's nice when you come across one with a different setting and story. It has not rained for decades, over a hundred years at this point. So, to collect water and survive, humanity has started building towers to reach the clouds in the sky. Gather water from the droplets. We discover from notes scattered along the way, that no matter how fast we build, catching the clouds is futile. It is not an uplifting story, but it has moments of humour that make the journey worthwhile, as you can see below.

Damn it Karl, this is why no one likes you!

With a world such as this, I would've liked to have more exploration. It is very straight forward where to go as several paths are blocked off, but it would have been cool to give me a choice of towers to visit, even for a little while. Also, some more environmental worldbuilding is a missed opportunity. I could envision so much flavour in what people brought with them on the journey to the clouds, warnings of dangerous or broken paths. Think of times when there have been large migrations of people and how they have helped each other.

Still, I enjoyed my short time in the game. It was about 15minutes of playthrough with hand-drawn textures for the environments and a calming ambient soundtrack to compliment the setting.


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