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Top 50 IndieGame Kickstarter Campaigns of 2020 - 1st Quarter

Of all the quarters, this is the shortest one with only 8 entries. I have had the pleasure to play each of these during their Kickstarter campaigns.

Help Will Come Tomorrow is currently the only one here that has released onto Steam and on console with Very Positive reviews. Other IndieGames you can play are Dungeon Drafters and LAZR, both of which have playable demos that I will link down below.

For the FULL LIST of Kickstarter Campaigns of 2020, click here.


My Work Is Not Yet Done

Stark, striking 1-bit visuals, paired with the immersive sound design of pure isolation. This feeling of being alone gives you the space to examine questions of theology and cosmic horror while exploring emergent gameplay and ambient lore.

A unique and innovative take on the survival genre.


Steam Store


Ghibli... I was thinking it, you were thinking it. As soon as there was mention of a bathhouse for spirits, I signed straight up.

However, management isn't the only aspect of the game. You will explore the nearby town, get acquainted with the locals and some spirits will require much more than a simple gift.


Itchio Store


LAZR - A Clothformer

I've played platformers with destructible physics, and it never ceases to impress. Noita is still one of my favourite releases from last year.

With LAZR, the focus is on cloth physics, and you can see how smooth that fits with the gameplay and reminds you why climbing ropes can be dangerous.


Steam Store (Demo Available)

Project Grove

Although what I played was somewhat small, it did show me the potential of what full game can accomplish. Puzzles were creatively designed and accessible for all ages without being too easy for me.

What many like to comment on are the visuals, and I have to agree.

I can't wait to explore more of this world.


Steam Store

Rubi: The Wayward Mira

I'm a sucker for an explosion of colours, and Rubi has its fair share of lush, colourful explosions.

Explore a world where fantasy and sci-fi collide, and a dying planet needs saving. A world filled with lore and history to learn.

It's no surprise they almost tripled their funding goal.


Steam Store


It shouldn't be hard to see the inspiration from Moebius within the art style, the developer even named their studio Moebial, and what a fantastic job they've done.

Stranded on an unknown planet, learn to survive, while discovering an entirely new biome filled with alien wildlife.


Steam Store


Dungeon Drafters

Visuals that will charm and give you a big sherbert filled hug. In a world overwhelmed with card games that get released every year, this is a breath of fresh air, bringing a wonderful blend of strategy. I have seen many comments that say "don't normally like card games, however...". Now THAT is truly high praise.


Itchio Store (Demo Available)

Help Will Come Tomorrow

Once around the campfire, you start topics of conversation, this is where prejudices emerge, and unlikely friendships can grow. The strength of this game comes from the writing, make no mistake, the survival aspect is still unforgiving and fun. However, characters are brought to life in such a way that I cared for their survival.


Steam Store (Demo Available)

For the FULL LIST of Kickstarter Campaigns of 2020, click here.

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