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Top 50 IndieGame Kickstarter Campaigns of 2020 - 4th Quarter

Here we are at the end, the final quarter of 2020. Unsurprisingly it is too soon for any of these to be released (although Dyson Sphere Program is in just two weeks), but we do have 4 playable demos for your enjoyment.

What I've enjoyed about this quarter is the absolute creativity in some of these projects. We have city building on the back of a giant creature, Metroidvania dating sims, musical boss fights! An incredible end to 2020, I hope to see more in 2021 and maybe do a smaller list next time? I'm not sure, let me know in the comments if you like it at Top 50, or if a smaller list is better.

Have a good year everyone!

For the FULL LIST of Kickstarter Campaigns of 2020, click here.


Scarlet Republics

You don't name-drop some of my favourite games (Fire Emblem, Divinity) and books (Joe Abercrombie) as your influence and not get my attention.

Here is to hoping they live up to my high expectations. It's looking promising so far.

Step into a grimdark world where your survivals ruled by consequence and wit.


Steam Store

There Is No Light

Explore an open world filled with horrors in every region you visit. Visit human settlements, think you are finally safe, and then learn they are worse than demons themselves.

What else to do, but try to live your life the best you can, but be careful, the world around you will change, based on your decisions.


Steam Store (Demo Available)

Eagle Knight Paradox

I am not big on mecha games or media, but this has grabbed my attention and got me fired up, so that is saying something.

The art is brilliant and well thought out, with beautiful colour palettes and character designs that compliment the story.

A playable demo is currently in the works and should be coming very soon, so keep an eye out for that!


The Wandering Village

I can honestly say, I've never encountered a city builder on the back of a travelling giant. That... is new.

From the art, music and design, I can see the inspiration they have taken from Nausicaa and am in love with it.

The symbiosis theme is brilliant. Strange this hasn't been in many City-builders, a symbiosis with nature.


Steam Store


Next time you feel down, remember you're not a wizard banished to a land where monsters feed on magic (i.e. you).

Nothing left to do but make lemonade and create a sustainable city for all banished citizens and fight deadly monsters with your magic.

There are also magical artefacts that do things like turn sheep into alpacas.


Steam Store


You know that expression "I never knew I needed this", that expression is how I feel.

Metroidvania meets Dating Sim in a hilarious mashup.

The story goes that the Grim Reaper is setting up a "Reality Dating Show" and needs Drac's help in finding eligible bachelors... Sign me up!


Steam Store

My Time At Sandrock

The last game My Time At Portia has had constant support, a whole slew of DLCs and shining reviews.

Over half a million dollars have raised for funding for the next "My Time At..." game. This overwhelming support is a testament to the public faith.

The gorgeous visuals and large size of the world are ambitious. I can't wait to jump in!


Steam Store

Clan O'Conall: And The Crown Of The Stag

The Celtic Gods smile down upon this game.

Mythology is a sure-fire way to grab my attention. You can see that love of mythology within the artwork and the lore, as well as a fantastic Celtic soundtrack.

There are three characters with varying strengths and weaknesses, that you will learn to use wisely and grow to love.


Steam Store (Demo Available)


Billie Bust Up

I was hooked! Absolutely hooked on that musical boss fight. I couldn't beat it, because I am terrible at platformers, but I loved every minute of it.

I hope there will be more musical boss fights, more musical numbers, and while we are at it... why aren't there more musical games?


Steam Store (Demo Available)

Chrono Sword

Time travelling stories are tricky to do and very rarely hit the nail due to plot holes.

I don't know how well Chrono Sword will do since I missed out on playing it, but I have my hopes.

The pixel art is beautiful, and only made more so by the dynamic lighting.


Blade Assault

I know there is a thought out story here about a corrupt sky city and a resistance force from the undercity slums... but honestly... I'm here for the all-out action.

The combat looks fast, exciting and super cool. I'll admit that I haven't had time to play the demo yet (which I definitely will tonight), however, I will still give this two thumbs up!


Steam Store (Demo Available)

Dyson Sphere Program

The Dyson Sphere is a real-life theory that due to present-day industrial capabilities, is not possible to accomplish.

But in a game? Anything is possible, so let's break go crazy, harness the power of the stars and create an industrial empire our great-great-great-great-(great?)-grandchildren can be proud of.


Steam Store

For the FULL LIST of Kickstarter Campaigns of 2020, click here.

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