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Mystery, Jazz and All That Magic

Once again, I am faced with the difficult task of reducing this week's phenomenal Indie Games down to my six favourite releases. Expect more articles throughout the week showcasing the many amazing Indie Games that I have missed.

I have for you a variety of genres here. We have a lot of mysterious adventures; murderous, historical, and cosmic. We also have relaxing choices for those that want to sit back and put their feet up. Can't forget my ace up the sleeve, for all you lovers of Rogue-Like, you are in for a magical treat.

Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace - Steam // GoG

Asmodee Digital // Asmodee Digital // Release: March 23 // Windows, PS4, XB1 SWITCH // Lovecraft Horror, Turn-Based RPG, Adventure

Asmodee Digital has been marvellous at giving us excellent digital representations of award-winning board games. Some of their most notable releases are Gloomhaven, Pandemic and Potion Explosion. Welcome another great addition that looks to impress, Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace.

In true Lovecraftian fashion, assemble a squad of detectives and investigate mysterious murders. Explore a world of science, living nightmares and sinister cults. Most important of all, keep the madness at bay and your sanity intact.

Inspector Waffles - Steam // GoG

Goloso Games // Hitcents // Release: March 23 // Windows, Mac, Linux // Point'N'Click, Adventure

If you know me, you know I love puns. They are always catastrophically terrible and great at the same time. I also like waffles... aaaaaaand I like noir stories full of intrigue. It really isn't a surprise that I am excited for Inspector Waffles.

Inspired by old school point'n'click games. There is a lot of charm to be found, and enough pixel art love to make you purr. Waffles is the best damn Inspector on the CTPD force, solving crimes in a town full of cats and dogs (and maybe platypus's too). A delightful jazzy soundtrack to set the mood and enough dry humour to make sand jealous.

Interested? Then pour yourself a glass of cold hard milk, and get started.

Paradise Lost - Steam // GoG // Humble

PolyAmorous // All In! Games // Release: March 24 // Windows, PS4, XB1 (TBA for PS5 and XSX) // StoryDriven, First Person, Exploration

It's 1980, but not like we know it. In an alternate history, things ended differently for World War 2. Instead of ending in 1945, it persisted for 20 more years, only ending when a flurry of nuclear missiles devasted Europe. There were no victors, just great tragedy.

In Paradise Lost, you will explore the nuclear wasteland of Poland through the eyes of Szymon, a 12-year-old boy. Unlike other games in a similar setting, there aren't monsters and guns shooting everything. We instead will explore a hauntingly beautiful landscape, find clues, and learn about the past and where all the survivors have gone.

The story of the past is under a blanket of dust and overgrown nature. All you have is a photograph of your recently passed mother with an unknown man. Who is he? That is what you plan to learn.

Dandy Ace - Steam

Mad Mimic // NEOWIZ // Release: March 25 // Windows (PS4, XB1 and SWITCH later this year) // Rogue-Like, Isometric, Action


Rogue-Likes are like rollercoasters. They use to scare me, but the more and more I try them, the more I find I enjoy them! Dandy Ace is the next big Rogue-Like, holding many of us in anticipation of what surprises are behind the magician's cloak.

Lele, the Green-Eyed Illusionist has trapped you in a cursed mirror. Foolish man, he obviously doesn't realise that Dandy Ace is the greatest magician around. Using the power of the cards, combine them in different playstyles and synergies. The possibilities are endless (probably).

Escape the mirror, teach Lele a lesson in real magic, and believe in the heart of the cards.

Dorfromantik [Early Access] - Steam // GoG

Toukana Interactive // Toukana Interactive // Release: March 25 // Windows // Relaxing, Strategy, Puzzle, Building

I am not sure what Dorfromantik means, if it means anything, or if it is just the name of our world that we are building. Maybe it means; peaceful building while snuggled in a blanket?

You are given a set amount of tiles with different landscapes on them. I get some impressions of Catan or Carcassone. But instead of competing against someone, you will be given quests. Completing these quests will be the only way to get more tiles and continue building your world. The music will lull you, and the colours warm the soul. Hidden amongst this is a challenging puzzle game that you can relax with or get competitive and beat that high score.

Build an endless landscape, over and over again, because it's beautiful and calming.

Genesis Noir - Steam // GoG // Humble // Epic

Feral Cat Den // Fellow Traveller // Release: March 26 // Windows, Mac, XB1 // Point'N'Click, Exploration, Puzzle, Adventure

A cosmic love triangle spanning time and space, as old as the universe. I'm not sure I have seen a story as grand as this. The love affair led to a gunshot fired by a jealous god- otherwise knows to us, as The Big Bang.

There is a lot to unpack with the story, and I am very impressed with how it is manifested in a great artistic jazz explosion. The animation is gorgeous, I've not heard of a story quite like this, and I love Point'N'Click games. Sign me up!

In less than a week, you will be able to witness the birth, history and future of the universe, all captured within a single moment as a bullet travels towards the love of your life.

To keep up to date with the latest releases, follow me on Twitter. I post news on the latest IndieGame announcements, and reviews on the ones that grab my attention the most.

I DIG for the gems so you don't have to.


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