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Corrupted worlds, and Neon Lights

Astral Ascent - Steam // Kickstarter

Hibernian Workshop // Hibernian Workshop // Windows, PS4, SWITCH // Campaign Ending: April 29 // Funding Goal: £25,664 // Action, Adventure, Rogue-Lite, 2D Platformer, Co-op (Local and Online Remote Play)


I knew I recognised the developer from somewhere, they gifted us the phenomenal Dark Devotion a couple of years ago. An action-adventure RPG, that took us into the depths of a mysterious fallen temple.

Now they are back with a more colourful setting, but what looks to be the same intense thrill ride and fast-paced combat.

There are four unique heroes to play as, each with its own style. Twelve Zodiacs to remind us of how ruthless the developers can be when designing boss battles.

I could go on and on, but honestly, go check out the Kickstarter page, and watch the exquisite trailer. You will leap at that pledge button.

Down Ward - Steam // Kickstarter

Fisholith // Fisholith // Windows // Campaign Ending: May 1 // Funding Goal: £7,258 // Action, Platformer


A free stand-alone version of Down Ward had been available for some time now, bringing in positive reviews. This is just a slice of the beautiful full game that the Kickstarter proposes.

Like many, I am in love with the little owl, Gable. Owls will never stop being cute, even when they're carrying blades to met out justice in the air.

Venture into the haunted wilds, fly with precision and puzzle your way through rooms. The unique flying controls for the game, bring new meaning to precision platforming.

Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square [Early Access]


Evil Objective // EO Interactive // Release: March 29 // Windows // Precision 2D Platformer, Adventure

This is the third instalment of the Big Tower series... Third!? Where were the other two? Why hadn't I heard of this brilliant game, until now?

The entire game is one big tower. That isn't unusual in other genres, but with precision platformers, I have not seen this before. Rather than stage after a carefully designed stage, you will go on a long run to reach the top of the tower. You could, of course, do it in one go if you are one of those mad speedrunners, cackling all the way with uncanny ability. However, if you are more like me, you will be happy to know some checkpoints provide you with a place to breathe and stretch before tackling the next gauntlet.

Take a run through this colourful neon gauntlet, meet eccentric shapes, and conquer the tower- if you can.

Narita Boy - Steam // GoG // Humble

Studio Koba // Team17 // Release: March 30 // Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, XB1 and SWITCH // Action, Adventure, 2D Platformer

The neon techno love does not stop with my previous pick of the week. Next up is the legendary Narita Boy. He even has his own DaftPunk-esque theme song that I can't get out of my head. May the 80s keep giving us blessings!

There have been many attempts to replicate the metaphor of computer code, most notably, Tron. Explore a digital kingdom. Motherboard and her agents need your help.

It may sound meta, but I believe Narita Boy, a story about the best selling game Narita Boy, is very likely to be a best seller too.

Grab your Techno-Sword! Defeat corrupted code! Unleash the power of the Tri-Chroma!

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles [1.0 Release] Steam // GoG

Fishing Cactus // Fishing Cactus // Release: March 31 // Windows // StoryRich, Adventure, RPG, Typing

Coming out of Early Access is an incredible game that is as beautiful as a watercolour painting.

I've seen games that help with your typing skill, but I have never seen a game as detailed and grand as this. A sweeping adventure RPG full of story, magic, a spirit wolf, and an atmospheric world.

We've all heard the phrase, "Knowledge Is Power", but here that couldn't be truer. Cast spells, and perform actions by typing them on the screen. Play with your magic and get creative with the environment.

As a young archivist, use the power of words, to uncover the mysteries and wonders of a dying earth.

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