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Stories that leap of the page, go into space, and make you feel cozy and warm. You won't be able to say no!

Lost Words: Beyond the Page - Steam // GoG // Humble // Epic

Sketchbook Games // Modus Games // Release: April 6 // Windows, PS4, XB1, SWITCH, Stadia // Narrative, 2D Puzzle Platformer


Vibrant watercolours show off the beauty of the world you will be exploring. However, what really leaps off the pages (pun intended) is Izzy, our young protagonist. You will be picking your words wisely while gliding across the pages of her diary.

There is power in words. Harness that power to alter the environment, solve puzzles, and change the very story you follow. Experience an emotionally moving, fully-voiced narrative developed by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett.

Colony Ship [Early Access] - Steam

Iron Tower Studio // Iron Tower Studio // Release: April 6 // Windows // Tactical Turn-Based RPG, Story-Driven

There is something about the concept of Generation Ships that has always attracted me. The idea that there would be generations of people stuck within the same metal container their entire lives, just so their descendants could have a better life. And when you consider the time scale, there are so many variables that make the future unknown. It fascinates me.

A world inspired by Heinlein’s "Orphans of the Sky". So much has changed since the centuries-long voyage began. It didn't take long for the old government to be disbanded by a violent mutiny. Now, the Starfarer is ruled by three factions striving for dominance. Your choices will determine who your friends and enemies are.

Tread carefully, recruit allies, each with their individual personalities, and stay safe. This is the only home we got now.

The Wild Case - Steam

Specialbit Studio // Specialbit Studio // Release: April 6 // Windows, Mac, Linux // Point'N'Click, Puzzle, Mystery, Adventure

Wonderfully rendered art compliments the eerie forgotten village atmosphere.

You play a man who investigates strange occurrences, a paranormal detective if you will. So when a remote village sends a letter about strange creatures with glowing eyes and uncanny abilities, it's time to pack your journal and get investigating.

The narrative is not told linearly, as when you arrive at the village, the world opens up to be explored however you choose. Interact with the residents. Who is your enemy, and who is your ally? Do you trust the hermit or the witch?

There are mysteries to be solved, and not everything may seem clear at first glance.

Before Your Eyes - Steam

Goodbye World Games // Skybound Games // Release: April 8 // Windows // First-Person, Narrative, Adventure

The origins of this truly unique experience came from a student project titled Close Your. It started as an experiment in using technology to tell an emotional story. Peoples reactions to the game were incredible and encouraged the developers to seek funding to create a full game, with more choice, improved visuals, and a dynamic soundtrack that evolves as you play.

Blink and life can skip forward five seconds or five years. This simple concept is so powerful at conveying so many different things. In the original student build, the idea was to communicate the struggle and confusion of memory loss. Here, the ferryman shepherding souls to the afterlife is the basis for the story. You are sent back to the most significant times of your life, desperately holding onto each fleeting moment. The good and the bad. They only last as long as you can keep your eyes from blinking.

Cozy Grove - Steam // Epic

Spry Fox LLC // Spry Fox LLC // Release: April 8 // Windows, Mac, PS4, XB1, SWITCH // StoryRich, Relaxing, Crafting, Collectathon

I'll be one to admit, I have not played the previous Indie Games from Spry Fox, but looking back at them, I might just have to. They obviously have a lot of experience and success are creating cozy fun experiences for us to all enjoy.

The world is lacking colour. As it says on their Steam page "With a little time and a lot of crafting, you'll bring colour and joy back to Cozy Grove!" That is adorably cute. Do you feel warm inside? I feel warm inside.

A soft watercolour art style compliments the mood and warm feelings of the whole game. You play as a Spirit Scout, wandering the island's forest, finding new hidden secrets, and helping soothe the local ghosts. There are dozens of memorable characters and spirits to befriend, each with a unique, extensive story to unravel.

Collect spirit animals, craft, go fishing (always the number one reason to play games), and more!

Say No! More - Steam

Studio Fizbin // Thunderful Publishing // Release: April 9 // Windows, Mac, SWITCH // Casual, Comedy, No'em Up

Unique game? Yes! I expect it won't win awards or becoming a community favourite, but if it is anything like the demo I played, it will be incredibly, fantastically fun.

The trailer shows me that there is a lot more content than I had expected. You can create your character, how they dress and look, and there are several ways to say no! There are Heated No! Cold No! Lazy No! Wacky No! And probably more? I cannot wait to play and see where the story takes me.

One thing is for certain, the euphoria from saying no is delightful. Another thing is certain... make it voice-enabled, I guarantee it will be the most fun thing to watch on Twitch or Youtube.

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