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What a start to a new month! March is blowing me away with IndieGames I have been eagerly waiting to play, as well as titles that are newly discovered.

Foregone - Steam / GoG / Epic

What beautiful colours and atmosphere for a desolate future.

Although the gameplay may resemble some roguelikes out there, it is actually a straight-up action-adventure full of secrets and nuggets of lore scattered around.

How about those boss designs? Very cool looking. I can already picture how much fun I will be having, trying to beat them.

Maquette - Steam

Are you inside the palace or outside it? Do these stairs go up? What is life? Are we... Schroedinger's cat?

In a world where the smallest change can create a big difference, handle with care.

Navigate the obstacles of a modern love story, whilst solving puzzles that will turn your mind inside out.

Truly some out of the box thinking.

Revita - Steam

I say it every time I come across a twin-stick roguelite... Absolute chaos and I love it!

So, with so many titles bearing a resemblance to one another, I'm happy to see Revita shining with a unique.

Want to grow in power? Make the ultimate sacrifice and give up a heart. Find that balance that works as you walk the tightrope of power and life.

Everhood - Steam

Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. Give me more!

Everything is wrong. There are talking mushrooms, thieving gnomes and no matter what direction you go, prepare to get lost.

Not sure what to say really. Everhood will make you question what a game is while having the most fun ever.

Loop Hero - Steam / GoG / Humble

Go round and round, kill monsters, build a world and remember the forgotten.

What starts as a simple game, gets progressively mind-blowing, as you experiment with different combinations and try to figure out what works with what.

A true-time killer, while your character is busy remembering a lost world, you'll be forgetting the world your in.

Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - Steam / GoG / Epic

I am not sure how long a single playthrough is, but the possibilities upon replay look endless.

From playing the demo, my only advice is to hide your consequences. There is no clairvoyance in real life, and everything is always so much more exciting when unpredictable.

A very promising title I can't wait to explore further.

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I DIG for the gems so you don't have to.


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