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A week filled with violence and darkness... Mostly darkness.

It is almost as if, the further down we go on my list, the darker and more violent the world becomes. Starting with Where Shadows Slumber, a world covered in darkness. We then have Cyanide & Happiness, where the only thing dark is the humour. Lastly, we plunge straight into Bloodroots, showing us anything can be a weapon for violence.

Where Shadows Slumber - Steam

Jack Kelly, Frank DiCola, Alba S. Torremocha, Noah Kellman / Game Revenant / Release: March 10 / Windows, IOS, Android / Casual, Puzzle, Platformer

An atmospheric puzzle game in a world plunged into darkness. The trailer hints at an adventurous story through the world, guiding Obe, an old man who has discovered a mysterious lantern.

Using the power of light and shadow, change the environment around you to overcome obstacles as you go on one last journey.

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse - Steam / Epic

Explosm, Skeleton Crew Studio / Serenity Forge / Release: March 11 / Windows / Point'n'Click, Adventure, Comedy

We've all heard of the comic strips of Cyanide & Happiness, right? If dark humour is your thing, then the answer is probably yes.

In the short time I played the demo, I discovered my teacher was a gimp, and that wasn't even the worst joke that had me equal parts laughing and questioning if they can do that.

Final point... I love the voice acting.

Bloodroots - Steam / Epic

Paper Cult / Paper Cult / Release: March 12 / Windows, Switch, PS4 / Action, Beat'Em'Up, Top-Down

The opening line in their Steam page is "One-hit kill die-retry murderballet!"... I'm not sure I could describe this any better. Can we make murderballet be a new genre?

With a mechanic like "one-hit kill", you can imagine how fast-paced and intense a run would be. The movements and action almost remind me of Ape Out [Click for my review on THAT crazy game], another incredible IndieGame that had a "one-hit kill" mechanic that worked really well.

What adds to the chaos is the ability to grab and fight with anything within reach. From carrots, tables, plasma guns, ANYTHING!

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