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Late Night Thinking

Whether we are exploring unsettling locations, doing puzzles, trying to rebuild society or destroy galactic empires, this week is sure to put your mind to the test.

It definitely tested me, when trying to pick just 6 IndieGames that I found special enough to be in my Top Picks for the week.

Each one of these will have you exercising your grey matter. The kind of game that will keep you up at night planning strategies. These are some of my favourite genres, and I am a very happy man this week.

Mundaun - Steam // Epic

Hidden Fields // MWM Interactive // Release: March 16 // Windows, PS4, SWITCH // Psychological Horror, Puzzle

In the past couple of months, there have been several behind-the-scenes videos of the developer exploring real locations around the Alps. The Devils Bridge, The Painters House, are just a few insights into the developers' mind as he pieced together folklore to create the story of Mundaun.

With the unsettling hand-drawn art style, Mundaun looks to be my type of horror game, one that promises to make your skin crawl bit by bit till fear takes you.

Star Dynasties [Early Access] - Steam

Pawley Games // Iceberg Interactive // Release: March 16 // Windows // RPG, Strategy, Empire Management

Everywhere I look, I am reminded that this is Crusader Kings in space. That is an extremely high bar to meet, considering how long Crusader Kings has been around... And yet, I am intrigued.

I plan to play this on launch and see how true these statements are. It just so happens I have several hundred hours of experience with Crusader Kings, and if this meets expectations, my mind will be truly blown away.

Although watching the trailer, if it even meets half of my expectations, I may have another game to sink several hundred hours into.

Red Ronin - Steam

Thiago Oliveira // Wired Dreams Studio // Release: March 17 // Windows, PS4, XB1, SWITCH // Action, Puzzle, Sokoban


I can recognise a Sokoban style puzzle game from a mile away. They are not that commonly found, but are very distinguishable by the restricted movements... And I LOVE them.

There have been many evolutions of the puzzle attempted by different developers. Some of these are brilliant (Like Dungeon and Puzzles), others are no different from each other.

Red Ronin is the first one I've played that follows a narrative with characters for me to care about, and that has me very intrigued.

You can be sure this will be a day one purchase for me.

Cartel Tycoon [Early Access] - Steam // GoG // Epic

Moon Moose // tinyBuild // Release: March 18 // Windows, PS4, XB1, SWITCH // Story-Driven, Tycoon, Management


It's the 80s, a time of opportunity! Start a family business, create thousands of jobs and take your product to the US! Sounds like a good life, right?

The empire of which I speak of is your drug empire. There will be competitors, other Cartel, but the real crooks are the local enforcement shaking you down for bribes.

How long can you last at the top, before it's time for one of your lieutenants to step into your shoes and take over?

Endzone: A World Apart [1.0] - Steam // GoG // Humble

Gentlymad Studios // Assemble Entertainment // Release: March 18 // Windows // City-Builder, Survival, Strategy

The developers have been nothing but consistent with updates and keeping the community informed. Just take a look at the trailer, and you will see the enormity of work that has gone into Endzone since April last year.

It is 150 years after Nuclear Fallout, and humanity is now emerging from underground facilities to start a new life. Building a sustainable city won't be easy. You will experience a dynamic weather system that can have a detrimental effect on your survival. There are unknown lands out there to send expeditions to.

Every step of the way, you will be faced with decisions. How you choose to proceed will decide if your people survive this apocalypse.

Rogue State Revolution - Steam // Humble

Little Red Dog Games // Modern Wolf // Release: March 18 // Windows, Linux // RPG, Political Strategy, Roguelike


You did it! The country has pulled together after the war and elected you as President. That was the easy part.

Each run will be unique and different, as the map is procedurally generated. A new day, a new nation to lead. Appoint your ministers, make sure they help you in bringing the Glorious Peoples Republic of Basenji to prosperity. However, if they do too good of a job and become popular, they may soon replace you in the next election.

Challenging is the word to use. No one said this would be easy. There are rebels to deal with, neighbouring factions to keep an eye on, economic collapse, the rise of a sentient AI, large meteors, vigilantes, Chickenistan, and so much more. Can you handle it?

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I DIG for the gems so you don't have to.


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