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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Grab your axe and let's dive in!

My favourite Rogue-Likes are those that let me stack stats. Let me become almighty and powerful! But we need to be challenged eventually, so in this 1.0 version, you can stack hexes and give yourself a challenge worth bragging about.

Even with extra items, a journal update and several performance tweaks, there are many more updates to come. The Devs have said that it is a finished product, but more surprises are in store as they continue to work on it.

Those that know me will be familiar with my *ahem* skill at Rogue-Likes, in the sense that I have very little of it. So when a game from the genre can keep my attention, keep me having fun hours later despite many deaths, that is a strong indication of the developers doing something right.

Yes, Rogue-Likes are incredibly difficult, but you still need it to be accessible and fun too. Undermine achieves this.

There are many mechanics implemented that both give me a fighting chance to progress and provide a challenge to brag about their accomplishments. They do this by bringing in a feature found in RPG games where you purchase permanent upgrades for your character. Since you can only do this at the home hub, you have to die to get there. No longer are we endlessly spelunking to our doom, again and again, we can come back stronger.

And those godly players that I’ve watched complete the dungeons in as few runs as fingers on my hand, they’ve got the challenge (and bragging rights) of doing the same with far fewer upgrades.

Finally, I love and appreciate the colourful and charming design of art. Where most Rogue-Likes are grim and dark to emphasise the difficulty, to show us that we will not survive, UnderMine will instead poke fun at this template that many Devs seem to follow.

Even in the narrative to the extent of replacing the protagonist with a new one, or exploding said protagonist when you don’t like them. The NPCs regularly deliver witty comments regarding how you’ve changed appearance, and the great wizard will treat you as a disposable thing. It all makes the world and game stand out from the rest, in a way that is fresh and keeps you diving in for more.



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