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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Psychic Detectives

Each And Every Case In This Game Is A Miniature Story

The characters all seem to be alive and written to have individual goals and personalities. Sometimes just listening to them you get a feel for who they are before you even place a name on the pulsating circle. So it’s not hard to lose track of time following them all around like a nosey neighbour looking for fresh gossip. I often found myself forgetting about the actual crime and getting shocked when discovering a new clue to who is the culprit.

Excellently done and I loved it.

With you controlling the order of the narrative, it also adds a fresh look to whoever is playing the game, everyone will play in a different order and discover things differently from each before reaching the same conclusion. I would probably compare it to every player having the same destination but each taking a different journey to get there. That’s how the story of the game feels like and it works.

I won’t say too much else, would rather not risk spoiling the surprises for anyone.

Unique Gameplay, Did I Already Say Unique?

I’ve never come across the idea of Acoustic Detectives (Psychic), but I love it. Controls are simple, it is in effect a point and click gameplay as you only use the mouse to play the game. You direct your character from room to room, listening in to conversations like the proverbial fly on the wall. There are huge amounts of dialogue in the game and nothing is fed to you or highlighted as a clue, you figure that out for yourself. When trying to keep track of what’s going on, the comment feature came massively in handy. Whenever I heard something that I considered potentially useful, I would type it down in the comments for reviewing later.

It genuinely made me feel like I was solving a crime, and not just being taken around to shiny objects like many other crime-solving games out there.

There is no difficulty meter and I wouldn’t say the game was very difficult for me, having completed it within 3.5hrs. It’s definitely tricky, but as I realised on the final mission, you can trial and error different answers without repercussions, which made the risk disappear.

Every Level Is Topdown And Drawn Out Like A Buildings Schematics

It’s all it needs as the main focus was the sound and the story, art could take a back seat, but they didn’t get lazy with it. There was still a style that fit and did what they needed it to.

Now the sound, oh boy, they HAD to get that right. The game is called Unheard, if anything I expected top rate sound design and voice acting.... and I was not disappointed. In the steam description, they cite some of the influences being radio dramas.

The voice actors were brilliant, really applaud them and their skill in getting the characters across through voice alone.

Music was minimal to allow the voices to standout and the atmos was used to its best ability. There was the hum and the dripping, not too strong, just right.

Replay Value

When the goal of the game is to solve crimes, and you’ve solved them already, there isn’t much room to go back and do it again. You won’t get the same feeling of satisfaction when you know who the criminal is. BUT, there does seem to be multiple endings depending on a final choice in the game.

Final Thoughts

After completing the game after one sitting, you could probably say I enjoyed it immensely. Bravo Next Studios, this is a fantastic game that I have already recommended to many friends. The story and writing are brilliant and made even more so with your choice of voice actors and actresses. It really made me feel like a detective, and isn’t that what every crime solving game should do to you?


+ Unique Non-Linear Storytelling.

+ Acoustic Detectives (but we all know it’s Psychic).

+ A fantastically written dialogue that keeps you guessing.

+ Brilliant voice acting from the cast.


- No penalty for guessing wrong.

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