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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

You Won't Recognise Yourself By The End Of It

I Get To Be A Judge In One Of Frances Bloodiest Times Of History

The late 18th Century. A revolution that has sparked ideas and government, as well as the award-winning theatre production Les Miserables, the longest-running production on Earth.

Now, it has inspired We. The Revolution. I don’t pretend to know a lot about the french revolution, probably know as much as the average person, but although this game doesn’t ease you into the history, it does a fantastic job of making you feel like an insignificant member of history.

Oh, what a dirty trick, for it only drove me to scheme, backstab and make questionable moral decisions, to climb the ladder and survive the revolution. LIVING through the revolution, that’s what this game is about and it does a damn good job of it.

Throughout the story, you will be faced with countless moral decisions with innocent men and woman that will force you to make the hard call or face the anger of the people.

You won’t recognise yourself by the end of it.

Love The Court Case Sim Part Of The Game

Love the little speeches and attempts of persuasion. Love the scheming and backstabbing, the torture and the blackmail. Love the strategy, moving pieces through the city like on a board game, the little skirmishes that you.... ok... a lot is going on in this game. Let’s slow down.

These all are fun to do and work well together to break up certain aspects and stop them from drying up. But is it too much? I am on the fence and I have seen some reviewers applaud it and others say it dilutes the rest of the game. I’ll let you decide, it is a choice of preference, however not one person has said it was boring.

I’ve not found the game too hard myself. Juggling the love and attention between the different factions and your family members can be tricky, but it is possible. If you want to know the average length of the game, I’ve worked it out to be about 15hrs, but it can easily exceed that.

With the amount of content packed into that and the low price of the game, it is definitely worth picking up.

Often Times The Courtroom Is Filled With Silence, I Can Almost Hear The Coughing In The Back Row

It serves to immerse you in the day to day life of a judge. You’re deciding peoples lives, there is nothing grand about that and any music would admonish it. You want music, you’ll find it throughout the rest of the game and it is nice, not amazing, but nice. The voice acting is pretty standard too (or maybe I was just too blown away by Unheard), and the sound design was ok in some parts and then in other parts, like the guillotine, it was juicy and full.

Now onto the wonderful angular art style. Not quite cubism, it almost reminds me of origami, like all I see here is a stage production with little paper puppets. It works, because at this time of history, France was on a stage, all countries in Europe were looking in to see what is going to happen, how will this all turn out.

Having researched a bit more into the making of the game, I pleasantly learned that the game was hand-painted, with plenty of inspiration taken from classical paintings for staging and colour such as Baroque to get the lighting just right.

Once painted, the polygons would be added on top as a finishing touch. It wouldn’t work any other way and seeing the results I am happy they stuck with it.

Replay Value

The story may remain the same. France will sink into a violent revolution. There is no stopping that. The journey every time is different though. Many of the main cases that hold the plot together will always return on a second playthrough, but to keep the game fresh and replayable, new cases are randomly through in between these. Keeping you guessing and making more hard moral choices. Why do we torture ourselves with the test of morality? It’s fun, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

There are games where I find it hard to think of a con or a negative, this is one of them. Anything bad I can say about this game is a tiny nitpick that doesn’t hurt the game. Could there be better voice acting- More voice acting? Could we make it more challenging by adding the option to remove predictions of your decisions? We could ask for those and they would improve the game, but I am already enjoying it so much, it almost cost me delivering this review on time.

Go. Buy. It.


+ Beautiful stylised art.

+ Deep non-linear narrative with plenty of choices.

+ You get to be a frickin Judge!

+ To behead King Louis or not to behead?

+ Fun strategy mechanics implemented


- Could be more interesting if the outcome of choice not shown

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