THE DIG (Dojo of IndieGames): Issue 1

Welcome, Everyone!
I’m happy with how this first issue is turning out and it’s spurred some confidence in me to keep going!
Let’s start with why I decided to create this magazine. The reason is pretty simple, there are plenty of Game magazines out there and websites where you can get all gaming news, but they often overlook the amazing work being released every week in the indie community. I want to fill that hole, shout to the world (with your help) all the fantastic IndieGames that should get the attention they deserve.
There have been numerous releases this month from Strategy to Roguelike, Puzzles and some downright strange. But three games stood out to me and had me playing on repeat, these were ‘Not For Broadcast’, ‘Florence’ and ‘Death & Taxes’.


My first issue is similar unto a catalogue with short reviews and descriptions. However, I am extremely ambitious and full of ideas.
With more planning, trial and error and hopefully help along the way, my plan is to start adding more to this magazine. I envision Kickstarter articles, IndieDev Interviews, News and Feature Reviews/Previews that got into much further detail about my top 3 games.


That’s my introduction, my journey has started and I hope you join me in it.
So what are you waiting for? DIG in.


Peace and Love
Vasco (aka RaginRamen)

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