THE DIG (Dojo of IndieGames): Issue 2

Welcome, Everyone!
Here we are again with our second issue! A bit of a slower month in terms of releases, winding down from February.
Now you may have noticed that there are 5 weeks instead of 4 weeks of content... Allow me to explain. My plan when starting this magazine is to do 12 issues a year, each with 4 weeks of content. However, with
there being 52 weeks in a year, I’ve been left with some spares, so every third month will have an extra week to compensate.

With the maths out of the way, let's get to what matters, the IndieGame gems that have been released this month. There have been several highly anticipated games that I have been keeping an eye on for the longest time. Titles such as ‘Yes, Your Grace’ (which features on our front cover), the curious and mysterious game
‘The Longing’ and the brutal post-apocalyptic MMO, ‘Last Oasis’.
It has been incredibly fun playing these for the first time and I am not disappointed.


You will find that most of this issue is formatted more like a catalogue of short reviews and recommendations, showcasing my top picks for each week.
Well, here at The DIG, I am incredibly ambitious and seek to expand on this in future issues. Given time and further planning (extra writers would be useful too), I want to start doing full detailed reviews and write up a section for Kickstarters to check out and support. Hopefully, this can be accomplished for the next issue, time will tell.
I’ve always believed in setting goals, especially ambitious ones. One of my favourite quotes being “If you shoot for the stars, you’ll reach the moon”. I might not always meet my goals, but the moon is still a mighty accomplishment.

That’s my introduction, April is on its way now, so I better get started on that,
See you all on the Moon. Until then DIG in!

Peace and Love
Vasco (aka RaginRamen)

2020 Issue 2 CoverPreview.png