THE DIG (Dojo of IndieGames): Issue 4

Welcome, Everyone!


It has been a crazy month. Going from, all the time in the world to dedicate to my passion, to now juggling work-life alongside it. These past few months have helped me achieve a sense of scope, and what is possible with my ideas for the future of RaginRamen.


There are several changes to my magazine this time around, the most obvious is the visual layout, hopefully, more readable and informative. Another difference is my curation of titles. Where previously I would have close to 20-25 IndieGames with bitesize reviews, this time around I have opted for 11 IndieGames with full-page reviews, and 3 Featured reviews. A format I hope you all like better and will continue to follow.


So many titles in my Highlights category were almost featured. It was tough to hold back my wordcount for the sake of exploding this months issue. Starting with a bang was There Is No Game, it truly surprised me with how smart and witty the narrative played out. Extraordinary adventures also found in Inmost, bringing a spooky atmospheric story, and Helheim Hassle, taking you on a journey to Hel after suffering competitive FPS in Valhalla for eternity. Across many titles, there were puzzles to be found, it has been a good month for puzzles, with Ever Forward being a favourite of mine. Let us not forget how creative Kill It With Fire is, an absolute joy to play and a must for any that revel in destruction. Speaking of destruction, destroy villagers lively hoods, sow mistrust or plainly strike them with lightning in Ruinarch. Lastly, there have been many Rogue-Lites this month with UnderMine rising from the dark depths of Early Access and two more titles just starting their treacherous journey, Dreamscaper and Rogue Legacy 2.


It has, once again, been a strong month for IndieGames of all types, and I can say it has been incredibly fun to play all of these and write the reviews for them. Hope this helps you find that itch you’ve been scratching, there are gems enough for everyone

Peace and Love

Vasco (aka RaginRamen)

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