First Impressions

Horace, developed by Paul Helman, Sean Scaplehorn.


I was expecting a standard platformer, similar to many others that I have played, but after several deaths and my unwavering determination to push forward, I soon realized its almost morning and I have been playing for too long. It grabbed me, it has that perfect just one more feeling and tickles my need for tidiness as Horace (the robot) is striving for his life long mission to clean 1 million items. A herculean task that will surely keep you playing for a long time. Anyone out there a completionist like me?


Horace is available for PC.

Quench, developed Axon Interactive.


There are times when a puzzle game is just the ticket. Quench was that game for me this month, its beautiful soundtrack and art took me away and the puzzles kept my attention and challenged me as I journeyed through on this virtual pilgrimage.


Quench is available for PC.

Swords and Souls: Neverseen, developed by SoulGame Studio.


Multiple warnings were provided to me about the addictive nature of this game, but it wasn't until I found myself at 4 in the morning, birds chirping, and my alarm to get up for work just a few hours away... that I realised maybe I have a problem here.


Swords and Souls: Neverseen is available for PC.


Full Playthroughs

Little Nightmares, a game by Tarsier Studios.


A dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! Help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal.


Little Nightmares is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

We. The Revolution, developed by Polyslash.


Stares in excitement at Judges Mallet in hand. I get to be a judge in one of Frances bloodiest times of history. When beheading was quite fashionable if I do say so myself. The trailer offered me court cases, deep narrative and even strategy elements in the game. It's no wonder it has been one of my most anticipated games of 2019. Will it live up to my expectations?.


We. The Revolution is available for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE.

Backbone: Prologue, developed by Eggnut.


Get your gravelly voice on, maybe a glass of something strong and some sweet sweet jazz. This is a Noir Detective game with style. The writing distracts you with humour and throwback references only to punch you with the other fist in twists and turns you dont see coming. It's not a long demo, but it has definitely got me feeling for some more.


Backbone: Prologue is available for PC.

Unheard, developed by NEXT Studios.


Psychic Detectives. That's not what is written in the description, but when I read that you return to old crime scenes to eavesdrop on voices from the past... well, Psychic Detectives is all I heard. With a unique way of telling a story and the promise of a mysterious thread tying all these crimes together, I had to put on my detective cap and start right away.


Unheard is available for PC.

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